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D K Verma
D K Verma
COO & Jt. Managing Director
DK is a creative thinker and a versatile leader, alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, IIM-Calcutta and JIMS, DK has complemented academic excellence with professional success, with solid track record of 35 years adding value to "Intelligent building projects" and meeting stiff targets with consummate ease.
DK has natural flair for leading people - by example, an ardent believer of Imagineering, without losing focus of Targets, Highly Action Oriented producing results with Speed and Quality. A strategic thinker, skillful at driving key objectives of complex projects in highly demanding Indian and Multinational environments.
He is an inspiring leader who encourages teamwork and responsibility. He has acquired the skills needed as to resolve not only design issues, but also code compliance issues. Dinesh communicates his visions and goals with his colleagues and clients, so that they reach their common objectives. This encourages teamwork, creating a professional climate characterized by commitment and mutual respect. His openness, responsiveness and honest efforts to enhance and move projects forward have significantly contributed to SPACE's success. After years of experience in correct engineering and project management, co-founded SPACE with the vision to provide bench mark project management services for large and prestigious Greenfield projects. His education gives him the capability to turn philosophy to reality. Visit Linked In

Kota Ramesh
D K Verma